Year in Review – 2022

This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me. Whether good or bad, there has been a lot of change and considerable overwhelm. Some experiences are still being processed and I haven’t been as present on this blog as I would like to have been. Thank you for your continued support and patience while I get back into the swing of things for the new year. As always, thank you to the super stars in my life that are consistently there through it all.

Here’s a recap of the major events of the year:

✔️ Quit my job in healthcare after 14 years

✔️ Started working at the YMCA as the Sports Activities Coordinator (read more here)

✔️ Survived probation 😎 Management is hard but I’m learning a lot.

✔️ Cousin weekend resumed #cottagelife

✔️ Williamstown Fair with the famjam

✔️ St-Roch, Quebec – Work Road Trip

✔️ Alouettes Games with Mike & Tasha

✔️ First NBA Game – Raptors vs Celtics (#bucketlist)

✔️ Avril Lavigne Concert – 20 years later

✔️ Offspring & Simple Plan concert – perfect seats

✔️ Aunt Again 😊 Welcome baby Claire 💕

✔️ Reconnected with my twin flame – chaos ensued

✔️ Was physically assaulted (grabbed by the throat), then blamed for not walking away.. #myoscarslapmoment

✔️ OTA1 certified

✔️ Booked a family vacay to PEI for summer 2023 – psyched!

✔️ Railbiking in the Adirondacks (#bucketlist)

✔️ Cyber security attack on the company I used for my international student insurance when studying in Australia in 2020 which almost derailed my Cuba trip 😳 Found out 4 days before departure.

✔️ Solo trip to Cuba for a much needed break. Was adopted by an awesome group from Ontario at Starfish Varadero. Most relaxing vacay to date.

✔️ Weekend Wellness Challenge – Girl Guides of Canada. Thanks again for the opportunity!

✔️ Left sided facial paresthesia 🫤 Did I finally catch Rona?!?

✔️ Recertified Pn1

✔️ 2nd annual Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Walk in Montreal (read more here)

✔️ Won a dart tournament with my uncles (RR 18/21, PO 3/3, 1F, HS 98) Great family day ☺️

✔️ Lost a dart tournament with my uncle (RR 4/7 PO – 1st round 2/5, 2 F, HS 127) Great family day ☺️

✔️ Theo turned 18 🥳 Bucket O’ Shots 😎

✔️ Christmas craft fair with Mom

✔️ Hit 3000 website visitors

Definitely starting to feel more settled after the whirlwind this year has been. At the very least, my stress levels have dropped considerably and now there’s room to focus on the healthier habits I’d like to adopt. Change is rarely easy and it takes time to adjust but if you take things one day at a time, you’ll get there too. Looking forward to see what adventures the new year brings!

How was your year?

Let me know in the comments!

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