Are you a busy woman who is tired of being tired? A women who wants more energy for the people and activities she loves?

Life can get pretty hectic, making it way too easy to put off the things that we know will make and keep us healthy for the long-term. We’ll fit it in eventually, right?! But sometimes, eventually doesn’t happen.. Now is actually the best time to set those habits up for the future, as it’s easier to maintain health than it is to recover it.

At Crawford Coaching, we focus on four main pillars of health: fitness, sleep, nutrition and stress. We want to help you regain the energy you’ve lost, so you can focus on the people and activities that matter most to you, both now and in the future. Change is rarely easy, but if you make the choice to do so, you don’t have to do it alone.


What do you struggle with most?

If you’re looking for a well-rounded solution:

Healthy Habits

The 5×5 Challenge

is a 5 week micro-habits challenge that’ll take just 25 minutes per day.

The tasks are simple.
They will each take 5 minutes or less.
They will create positive change.


Free challenge to improve health habits.
5 Days to a Healthy New Start

Learn how to create healthy habits
to renew your energy, confidence and resilience by pursuing a life
that is active, nutritionally balanced and stress free.


Online program promoting healthier habits.
Healthy Habits: Foundations

Learn how to build health promoting habits into your daily routine. Each week, we explore one of the four pillars of health: Fitness, Sleep, Nutrition and Stress.


One on one coaching application
1:1 Coaching

Interested in getting personalized support with your health and wellness goals so that you can increase your energy, confidence and resilience? This is for you.