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Hi there, my name is Sami Grosse. I’m an insatiably curious serial enthusiast with a passion for coaching, health/fitness, events, travel, human behaviour and all things dance related.

Here are a few random facts about me that you may not know:

~ I’m extremely curious by nature and love to learn new things and explore new places/ideas. I’m currently studying Leisure Sciences at Concordia, have a DEC in Psychology, an AEC in Event Planning and Management and several certifications related to health and wellness, as well as, 10+ years working in a healthcare setting. My first summer job was working as a receptionist in a physio clinic when I was 15.

~ I was obsessed with sports in high school. I played on every school team we had: basketball, soccer, flag/touch football, badminton and indoor/outdoor track. My favorite event was sprint hurdles. I spent most of those years with amazing coaches who have had a profound influence on who I am today. I will be forever grateful and they were a major factor in my desire to become a coach myself.

~ I have had chronic anxiety since the age of 15. While it hasn’t always been easy, I refuse to let it interfere with my goals. I’ve learned that sometimes help is needed and it’s not a weakness to ask for it. Also, that many people are not as put off by it as I imagined. To do my part, I walk in the Montreal Walk for Mental Health. It has been a cause I have supported for years to help raise awareness and remove the social stigma associated with it. It happens in October and you are more than welcome to join me or make a donation if you wish. (For more info, click here)

~ I was an extra in a music video for a French rapper from Montreal named Gregson. It was a dream come true for me as I had always wanted to dance in a music video. Some called it a pipe dream and said that would never happen but it did, naysayers be damned.

~ I love extreme sports. I’ve been bungee jumping, sky diving, cliff jumping, white water rafting, rappelling  and more recently, swimming with sharks (#bucketlist). I love the adrenaline rush but could do without the crash afterwards. What goes up must come down though. I really like to push myself to my limits and have conquered one or two major fears in doing so. Feel the fear… And do it anyway; it’s the only way to grow.

~ There was a time in my life where my habits were anything but healthy. I was always eating takeout, had very little downtime and I had gained a lot of weight. The day I hit my breaking point, I had a bit of a meltdown trying on jeans. Over the next two months, I lost 40 pounds and dropped 4 jean sizes. I didn’t start an intense exercise program or use any weight loss products. All I did was change to a healthier diet and start walking more. Weight loss is simple but not always easy and I can help you along that journey if you’d like.

I’d like to get to know you too! What random facts would you like to share?

Let me know in the comments!

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