Road Trip

Road Trip

I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip with a friend and this past summer I was able to make that dream a reality. It started with just a weekend trip to Boston that turned into a weeklong trip along the upper east coast. Funny how some things just seem to work out.

Day 1 – Boston. Crossing the border took a lot longer than we anticipated but after a few hours, we were on our way. Our first stop was Wahlburgers for a late lunch. No sign of Mark or Donny though. Sigh… I had heard rumours about the place being overrated but the food was pretty good (minus the onion rings) and relatively inexpensive so not sure where that impression came from. Anyways.. Next stop, Cheers.

For those who do not know, Cheers has always meant a lot to me. The Cheers in Montreal was the first bar I ever went to. It was definitely a place where everyone knew your name; you couldn’t walk a foot without knowing someone. I have a lot of great memories with old and new friends I made there. Working there was like having a second family and I haven’t had that experience in a working environment since. I was also proposed to there before it shut down. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last but all the great memories did. Young love…

Onwards to Fenway Park! C’mon, you can’t visit Boston and not see a Red Sox game. Unfortunately, they got destroyed by the Mariners. My only regret – not buying a big red finger. Next time!

Day 2 – Harvard / Salem. We explored Harvard University. The sports fields are absolutely stunning. I can’t even imagine playing football in their Roman Colosseum look-a-like stadium. Slightly jealous though. The track was also a favourite of mine. I had to do a few hurdle exercises for old time’s sake. It took hours to wander around and see the various campuses and I’m positive we missed some.

That evening, we went on a nostalgic adventure to the city of Salem where our favourite Halloween movie, a cult classic, Hocus Pocus was filmed. We visited Max’s house, the cemetery, the Sanderson Sister’s house and the school. We even chatted with a local who gave us some interesting tidbits on how certain scenes were filmed. The weather even cooperated with drizzly rain that gave the place an even spookier feel. I definitely need to go back for the Halloween festivities and to see the Witch Museum, which was closed by the time we arrived.

Day 3 – Plymouth Rock / The Breakers. I was a bit disappointed to find out how small Plymouth Rock was considering its historical significance to the country. Nevertheless, it made for an interesting pit stop along our journey.

From there, we headed to Newport, Rhode Island to see The Breakers. These “summer cottages” were absolutely breathtaking. Makes me wonder what their homes must look like. The mansions are ornately designed with sprawling lawns and beautiful views of the ocean. During our exploration of The Breakers, we ended up on the “Cliff Walk,” a path that runs along the cliff’s edge around the bay. We walked an easy 9km, roaming over rugged terrain and through creepy tunnels before we headed back. It seemed to keep going on and on forever.

Day 4 – The Hamptons. We took a ferry from New London to Long Island (crazy expensive to do with a car by the way) and continued on until we reached the Hamptons. I never wanted to leave. It was a pretty lazy day, just soaking up the sun and the occasional dip in the freezing ocean water. It was essentially the perfect summer day.

Day 5 – Long Island Aquarium / New York City. Major anticipation had been building for this day. We were finally going to go swimming with sharks. There were a few delays, so we explored the other sections of the aquarium first. We saw penguins, sea lions, butterflies and were able to pet little stingrays before our tour began.

Our dive was happening in the Lost City Shark Exhibit where there were sand tiger sharks, nursing sharks, sandbar/brown sharks and whitetip reef sharks. We suited up and stepped into the cage with the diving instructor. Sharks are such smart and beautiful creatures. I wanted to pet them! I didn’t, for obvious reasons, but the urge to do so was definitely there. Not as much adrenaline needed as previous bucketlisters but it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had so far. I’m going to have to get my diving certification to do some more exploring. I think a shipwreck adventure is in my future.

Afterwards, we shopped the rest of the afternoon and then went to Red Lobster for a late supper. It was about time I tried lobster for the first time. Not sure what all the hype is about though. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. So happy I went with the Surf and Turf and had the steak to make up for it.

Day 6 – Atlantic City / Philadelphia. Next stop, Atlantic City. Neither one of us is much of a gambler so this pit stop didn’t last too long. They do make some fantastic salted caramel ice cream though.

Then on to Philly. First, we went to see the Liberty Bell. Very disappointed. We could barely see it the way it’s set up and it took forever to find parking. The Rocky Steps were next. We had tons of fun taking pictures and videos imitating Rocky. Guess this means I actually have to watch a Rocky movie now as I was informed that Creed doesn’t count. It has been added to the list.

What I was most excited for though was to have a Philly cheese steak sub. Apparently, in Philly, it’s called a hoagie. Best sub I have ever eaten. Then we started on the long trek back home. The plan was to drive to Albany and crash for the night but we ended up driving straight through. Pretty sure we were the first to cross the border that morning.

I had an absolute blast on this road trip but what they say is true, there’s no place like home!

Have you ever gone on a road trip? Where did you go? What did you do?

Let me know in the comments!

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