Free Beat the Stress Guide with 24 stress busting techniques
Beat the Stress Guide

Beat the Stress is your FREE guide to helpful stress busting techniques.


Healthy Habits: Stress program
Healthy Habits: Stress

Learn how to build health promoting stress management habits into your daily routine.


One on one coaching application
1:1 Coaching

Interested in getting personalized support with your stress management goals? This is for you.

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Stress 101

Stress and excitement share the same physiological symptoms. It’s your perception of the situation that determines whether it’s positive or negative.


Burnout is definitely a thing. I was off work for about a month in 2013 for burnout and I was only 23 years old.

Breath Work to Combat Stress

Stress affects us all, in one way or another, and how we manage it will differ from person to person. Breath work is just one of many strategies you can try.