Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

get comfortable being uncomfortable

People need to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’ll miss so many amazing opportunities otherwise. Most of you have probably heard the quote “outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens,” yet too many people still hesitate to take on new challenges. Why is that? The excuses you’ll get will vary, but ultimately, it’s because it’s beyond their comfort level.

Last fall, I attended Eweek, (Eweek  2017: Nov 13-16) a networking event for entrepreneurs, at Dawson College. Most people who know me, see me as an extrovert but when it comes to networking in large groups, I become extremely uncomfortable. After a great lecture about how success is overrated and you’ll learn more from failure (by Francis Gosselin), I had an anxious moment. All the entrepreneurs were paired up with curious students and I was left to stand aside and wait for the next round.

I almost left. It was the longest, most awkward five minutes I’ve experienced in quite a while.  I had been looking forward to the event for a few weeks though and I was a bit annoyed with myself for considering leaving. So, I strengthened my resolve and enlisted the help of a friend. I asked her if we could network together. She, being awesome, agreed and we ended up meeting some very interesting people and learned about some amazing projects and resources in Montreal.

Sometimes, you have to push yourself. Yes, you’ll feel uncomfortable but that’s kind of the point; you can’t grow otherwise. There’s no shame in asking for help either. It’s often easier to tackle something that makes you nervous if you have someone to do it with.

So that is my challenge to you. What makes you nervous? What step(s) can you take today/this week towards facing and overcoming it?

Let me know in the comments.

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