Eweek 2018


I love going to Eweek at Dawson College every year! There is always tons to learn and ample opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs. If you’ve never heard of Eweek, it is a four-day entrepreneurial bootcamp full of insightful keynotes, panel discussions, practical workshops and networking opportunities that happen during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November each year. If you’ve ever been curious about starting your own business, I highly recommend you check it out. I believe I discovered Eweek in 2016, in its 5th year, while still a student at Dawson and I’ve made a point of attending every year since. Only this year, I was asked to be a mentor for the Speed Date an Entrepreneur Event by my mentor Rhonda from CEDEC.

I was so excited but also a bit nervous; I mean, I’m nowhere near as successful as the other entrepreneurs attending. What if no one wanted to speak to me? The pesky imposter syndrome I’ve heard and read so much about finally made an appearance. Why is it that some people even after passionately pursuing their craft for years can still doubt their knowledge. Granted, I know there is still a lot to learn but I wondered if I was even equipped to help newer entrepreneurs as I was still trying to figure it out myself. I’m no longer where I was but still not quite where I want to be just yet either. My mentor assured me that all people really need is someone that is a few steps ahead to give them a hand. If anything, it makes it easier to relate to someone who was in your shoes not so long ago. Armed with that, I became a mentor for the evening.

It went really well. I spoke to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Hopefully, I was able to encourage even one to start their own entrepreneurship journey.

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?

Let me know in the comments!

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