Touristy Things II

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This is part 2/2, if you would like to catch up, click here.

March brought about Student Day at Rottnest so I took full advantage of the crazy discounts, organized by Study Perth, to check it out. I made my way down to Fremantle (Freo to the locals) to catch the 11am SeaLink Ferry to the island. On arrival, I headed straight to the excursion desk to book my sea kayaking tour and thrill ride tour. Once that organized, I headed to Pinky Beach to grab some food while waiting for the tours to start.


The sea kayaking was a leisurely tour in a glass-bottom boat allowing for some pretty views of the underwater vegetation. Sadly, I didn’t get to see any pretty tropical fish but it was a great workout and the guides were very friendly and knowledgeable about the area.


I had to hoof it to the pier as soon as we got back to the beach in order to get to the boat on time for the thrill ride. Jetboating is always fun. There was this little boy on the boat with his family who squealed with excitement at every bump. You couldn’t help but get excited too. We saw dolphins, a New Zealand fur seal, sea lions (they’re different; I had to google it too) and an Osprey eagle. We did a few more donuts before heading back to the pier.


Once back on land, I went to the General Store to grab a few souvenirs and then set out to find a quokka to hopefully get my quokka selfie. I won’t lie, this was my main reason for coming. As it turned out, I didn’t have to go far. They are THE cutest and friendliest wild animals on the planet. They’re also very curious; all I had to do was sit down on the ground and two came out to greet me. With the quokka selfie checked off, I headed to the beach to veg out until it was time to catch the ferry back to Fremantle.


The following Saturday, I went to check out the Fremantle Markets (only open on weeknds) with my flatmate, Leonie, and her friend, Andrew. They remind me of the Lachute Flea Market, only they’re all indoors. There were a lot of interesting stalls and it definitely warrants a repeat visit.


From the markets, we headed to Cottesloe beach where the Sculptures by the Sea exhibit was happening. Art is definitely not my forte, but there was one installation that was really cool. Britt Mikkelsen’s “Lair II” was a recreated funnel-web spider’s web made of string that was woven through a small grove of trees. It is exactly how I picture Shelob’s lair (LOTR), albeit in a cave, not on a beach.


By the following week, things started to escalate with covid-19 in Western Australia and many of the tourist attractions and public venues/spaces started to close in Perth, so my touristy adventures were put on hold until further notice.

What were you most disappointed about missing because of covid-19?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Well, what disappointed me the most was not going to Cuba in May like I planned
    Also all indoor swimming pools where closed ( and still are), so that was very hard at first, now I accept it, it’s getting warmer so I ride my bicycle.
    Paranoid faces on the streets mostly, cant stand, but it’s getting better


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