Year in Review – 2019

Vision board created with PicCollage.

2019 was definitely an eventful year. Above is my vision board of the things I was hoping to do over the course of 2019. Vision boards can be great motivators if they are used as a guide only. If they become another to-do list though, they may just create unnecessary stress. These were things I was striving for, although circumstances made some easier to accomplish than others.

Take the Walk for Mental Health, which is a yearly walk that raises money for local mental health services, for example. I wanted to build a team for the walk and raise money in support of a cause that means a great deal to me. Unfortunately, this year, it was decided that the walk would no longer continue and that an on-site festival would take its place. One could just count that as a failure as it couldn’t be done. However, I did have the opportunity to volunteer as an assistant facilitator at a local youth mental health summit, so I was still able to give back to a cause I care about, just not in the way I first expected to. Sometimes, opportunities present themselves that align with your goals even if they were not necessarily on your radar to begin with, learn to embrace them.

These are some of the things that happened this year:

✔ Strom Spa – massage & thermal exp (heavenly and I highly recommend)
✔ Contacted to be a guest speaker at a local conference (more about that here)
✔ Met spiderman @ McGill Metro
✔ Tried bobsledding @ Glissades des Pays en Haut (so much fun)
✔ Was an assistant facilitator for a youth mental health summit (Headstrong)
✔ Williamstown fair
✔ Participated in the climate march
✔ Crawford Coaching swag – branded pens (blue, purple, yellow)
✔ Became a brand ambassador for JustStrong (more about why here)
✔ Was accepted at Curtin University for a student exchange program in Australia (more about that here)
✔ Left ER but came back (more about that here)
✔ Las Vegas & Grand Canyon for my 30th with my best friend (more about that here)
✔ 30 somethings gathering with my besties ❤
✔ Workshop on leading & planning fabulous workshops (Thank you FutureReady Concordia)
✔ Cont ed – A few new certificates (ACE Fitness)
✔ Dodgeball tournament fundraiser (school project)
✔ Holistic Mingle with Raj
✔ Local health & wellness fair (more about that here)

I got back into scrapbooking, saw old friends at the annual PSC Wish Tournament, went to the Rogers Cup with my nanny, went to our annual cousin weekend up north, went to Ausable Chasm to float down the lazy river, worked at 4 Raw shows, started going back to the ICF coaching breakfast workshops, had a fact-checking reminder, won a Stella beer fridge (Random fact: I don’t drink beer) & Laronde tickets, applied for & missed a ParticipAction tour opportunity, the list goes on…

This was a pretty crazy year and I look forward to the new adventures that await for next year.

What are some of the goals you’ve accomplished this year?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy New Year!! Wishing you lots of love, health, wealth and happiness for 2020!!

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