Healthy Habits Programs

It is much easier to maintain health than it is to recover from illness.

Are you covering the basics?

How would you feel if you had more energy?

More confidence?

Were more resistant to stress?

These are things that proper exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management can address, which are all covered in the Healthy Habits: Foundations program.

Healthy Habits: Foundations is a 4 week habit based online program. Each week, we will cover one of the four basic habits of good health: nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. A short daily lesson will be sent directly to your phone for those who want to know the why behind the habit. There will also be daily accountability check-ins (a simple yes or no) and coaching support for those that want it.



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By purchasing this program, you acknowledge that I am not a licensed health professional. Any information provided is general in nature and provided for educational purposes only. The information provided should not be considered medical or health advice pertaining to your specific health and/or medical condition. Always consult your physician prior to starting a health program. Results may vary.

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Enrollment is now closed for Summer 2019.

Next start date is September 23, 2019.

Cost: $25


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